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2015 Supporters

THANK YOU to all our donors who make our work possible! We are enormously grateful for your support…


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Anonymous (20) · Linda and Lawrence Abramson · Abigail Aguirre and Joseph Duncan · Barbara and Jim Allaire · Judith and Joe Amaral · Juan Andreau · Barbara Arber · Patty Arnold · Nancy Balcon · Edda and Rolf Bandle · Arnold Bearak · Marlene and Robert Bergendahl · Betty Blume and Cyrus Hopkins · David Boelker · Suzanne and Robert L. Boucher · Joyce and Richard Bourque · Gordan and Susan Bradley · Adam G. & Monica Brady-Myerov · Calena and Junior Breed · Rachel and Kenzir Brice · Joyce Bronson · Peg Browe · Marian and Bill Bruins · Katherine Burke-Wallace · Margaret Bush · Susan and James Butler · Andrew J. Carey III · John Carrick · Paul Carter · Elizabeth and Walter Carter · Marianne and Frank Casano · Rakhee Chawla · Albert and Anne Chimenti · Suzanne Choen · Brendon and Maxine Cloran · Donna Cohen · Lawrence Cohn and Roberta Cohn · David Cranmer · Joseph and Margaret Crist · Barbara Crowley · David and Andrea Dassori · Janet M. DeCarolis · Diane · Butkus and Mark Bourbeau · Judith Donohue · Jennifer Biggers Wasserman and Peter Wasserman · Harriet Kantrowitz · James and Michelle Duane · M.A. Duseault · John Dvorsky · John and Anita Eastland · Blair Ebert · Janice Egan · Georgene and Richard Fabian · Jeanette and David Fancher · Shahla Fattaahi · Harriet Feinberg · Lauren and Paul Feldman · Kate Forhan and Joseph Cousins · Molly Forrest · Donald and Alice Fountaine · Kathryn Kalan and Fred Lebow · Bennett and Lilly Gaev · Betty Lou Gallardo · Maria Gamelli · Deborah Hoffert and Gary Robinson · Joan Gironda · Patricia Glover · Kim and Andy Gluck · Lorraine Goldstein and Guus Driessen · Patricia Gonan · Clyde Gordon · Spencer Gould · Myra and Richard Grand · Leslie Greenfield · Vito and Karen Guida · Betty and John Gunther · Richard Guttmacher · Evan J. Haberman · Ralph and Liedeke Hagopian · Lois Hall · Ronnie Harrington · Vivian Hernandez · Peggy and John Heywood · Scott and Barbara Horr · William and Pamela Jennings · Jose Jimenez · Reverand K.E. and E. A. Johnson · Brian and Terry Kardasen · Winnie Kassa · Marat and Sophia Katz · David and Daniel Kimball · Brian and Elaine Klatt · Richard and Susan Knapp · Bonita and David Lachowski · Arlene and Maurice LaFlamme · Judith Lampson · Maria Lanahan · Donna Lawrence · Marie Danielle Leblanc · Michael Lee · Barry and Cynthia Leonard · Karen Levine · June April and Lewis Robinson · Jack Lifsitz · Shan Lin · Barbara MacDougall · Jim and Betty Maguire · Alana Mahdalik · Darlene Mann · Clara and Dan Markert · Eileen Marshall · Mark and Shari Masinda · Ronald Mayes · Sarah and Alex Mayo · Richard McCarthy and Family · Gail McDougall · Diane Meador · Rabbi Bernard Mehlman · Sylvia and Ralph Memolo · Dorothy Meyer · Susan Crockin Michael Atkins · Karen and Roland Michaud · Stephen Minichiello · Kathi Mintzer · Susan Monroe · Terry and Ross Morgan · Terekah NaJuwan · Sherri and Marvin Natowicz · Marianne and John Nelson · Donald and Laureen Nolan · Jenmy Pelletier · Julie and · Gary Peterson · Robert and Kathleen Phenix · Lois Popoff · Josef Porteleki · William Psolka · James Rector · Elaine Reisman · Donald and Paula Reutershan · Jimmy and Jane Reynolds · Amanda Rich · Diana Ritchie · Amy Shulman Weinberg and Ross Weinberg · Gillian Rogell · Trey Russ · Joan and Stephen Russell · Matthew and Susan Ryan · Robert Salzman · Juan Samayoa · Frank Herron and Sandra Urie · Roseann and David Sauer · Janet Sayers · Mel and Joan Schnall · Abby Shapiro · Thomas and Nancy Shepherd · Matthew and Aline Shulman · Linda Simmons · Jay and Ellen Sklar · Meg Slesinger · Juanita Smith · Raymond and Dorothy Smith · Gloria Sootin · Susannah Spodek · Barbara Stone · Adrienne and Frederick Straus · Michael and Tiffany Strong · John and Lovina Stutzman · Katherine Swanner · Leslie Swartz · Marcy Taylor · Risa Teall · Ann Marie Roth and Tecari Shuman · Jennifer Thames · Aaron Thompson · Richard and Judith Thompson · John Thompson · Gwendoline Thornblade · Maria Barnett and Timothy Gray · Shirley Torres · David and Jennifer Valentine · Christina Volpe · Barry and Susan Wante · Curtis J. Washington Sr. · Peter F. Weller · Alan and Judith · Andrew Wheaton · Judith and Allen White · Mark and Patricia Whitehouse · Christopher and Julia Wing · Robaleen Woodson · Karey Young · Francis and Helene Zielinski
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Santafe Beired and Jose Antonio · Robert and Marlene Bergendahl · Dena Brody and Edward Feldstein · Angel Vicente Quezada Cabrera · Paul and Phil Carter · Robert and Joline Cloutier · Cheryl and David Cotney · Lisa Crane · Julius and Anne Cruise · Toby and Bert Davidson · Rocio Feliciano and Luca Olmi · Gary Fernandes · Eugene and Joyce Fleming · William and Adele Fletcher · Norma M. Forbes · Anna and Gary Gingeresky · Vito and Karen Guida · Ann Heffernon and James Ward · George Hein · Veronica Helgans · Marcia Hertz · Brad and Jane Honoroff · Fred and Caroline Hoppin · Chobee Hoy · Pamela Jean · Alexis and Robert Johnson · Tom and Laura Jordan · Justin Jumper · Noreen Keegan and Jeffrey Siegel · Jeana Klein and Mark Schurman · Phil Knutzen · Melissa and John Paul Lalonde · Matthew LePresti · Deborah and Alan Marzi · Jean and Edward Mason · Barbara W. McCarthy · Neal McGee · Perpetua Megwa · Nancy Mulligan · Edward and Jeanne Nedwick · Don and Jan Nykodym · Ken Papagan · Candy Perfetti · Luciamo Pestana · Nathan Phillips · Gregory Priddy · Ashley Rathbun · Susan and Dennis Rice · Trey Russ · Sonia Saltzman · Kenneth L. Sargent · Abra Savoie · Sarah and Sheldon Schwartz · Aaron Sherman · Pamela Sherman · Linda and Chaney Smith · James and Susan Snider · Temple Israel · Ivy A. Turner · United Methodist Church of Newton · Stephen and Darlene VanOrmer · Michael and Natalina Volpe · Rosanne Walsh · Michael Weldon · Michael G. West · Ivadell Williams · Ming Zhang and Sujing Xie · Lorraine Zingraf
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Anonymous · Louise Todd Ambler · Brenda and Louis Caplan · Dorothy Crawford · Kathryn Crist · Stephanie Harriston-Diggs and R. Max Diggs · Carolyn French · Gary Fernandes · Anne Gingeresky · Hindell Grossman · Mary and Peter Ingoglia · Pamela and Guy Jean · Robert and Alexis Johnson · Gary and Alice Kazin · Katherine and Harry Keough · Julia Kinsella · Ryan and Maria Morgan · Tara O’Donnell · Marie-Cullen Oliver and Wayne Oliver · Holli and Alan Roth · Barbara Soderblom and Larry Soderblom · Brian Stiglets · The Church of The Holy Spirit · Patricia Sylvia and Tomasz Krawczak · Marc and Rory Volpe · Gloria Vigliani and David Clive · Rosanne Walsh
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Anonymous (2) · Bernard Brennan · Christine Collins · Kalon Ho · Pamela and Harvey Lodish · Leslie and William Patton · Carmen Scarpa · Susan and Michael Scott · Annie Marie Sutton · The United Parish in Brookline · Jane Wampler · Susan Whitehead
Anonymous (2) · Gretchen Fox Stein and Jay Stein · Nicole Duclos and Alan Roemer · Sharon and George Vanderheiden

American Plumbing and Heating Corporation · Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation · Bed and Breakfast Assoc. Bay Colony · Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center · Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation · CBRE · Century Bank · Chobee Hoy and Associates · Comtel Communications · Cox Engineering · Deloitte · Donoghue Barrett and Singal · Edward G. Sawyer Co., Inc. · EMCOR Services Northeast · Gerald Flaxer Charitable Foundation · GT Wilkinson · Harrington Air Systems · Hire Alliance · Infra-Red Building and Power · Longwood Storage Co. · MASCO · Mass General Hospital Cancer Center · Northstar Contracting Group · Northwestern Benefit Associates · Printex · Red and Blue Foundation – Suffolk Construction · RTN Federal Credit Union · Samuel and Tillie D. Cheiffetz Foundation Inc. · Sartell Electrical Services Inc. · Seyfarth Shaw · Stewart International LTD · Sullivan and McLaughlin Companies · TG Gallagher · Thyssen Krupp · Tyco Simplex Grinnell · Trinity Mangement, LLC · VOYA
Black Diamond Networks · CHMC Anesthesia Foundation Inc · Graystone · Morgan Stangley · Honeywell · Inn at Longwood Medical · Pfizer · Systems Evolution, Inc.
Anonymous (2) · Boston Children’s Hospital · Brigham and Women’s Hospital · Dana-Farber Cancer Institute · Equity Residential · Jane B. Cook 1983 Charitable Lead Trust · Massachusetts General Hospital · Mental Insight Foundation · Partners · The Trust Family Foundation · The Wind Point Foundation · Wingate Mangement

$100,000 Bequest from Volunteer Host

1 Angie Markert PhotoAngela Markert, who died in December 2014, was passionate about providing free housing to patients and families who traveled to Boston for medical care. She and her late husband Tom Markert, long-time Brookline residents, were volunteer hosts from the beginning in 1983.


“Angie’s commitment to Hospitality Homes spanned many decades,” expressed friend and former Hospitality Homes Executive Director, Dr. Caryl Goodman. “As volunteer hosts, she and her late husband Tom opened their home and their hearts to hundreds of families who traveled to Boston for medical care. They developed close and caring relationships with many guests, sharing vacations and special family events. As a Board member and Treasurer, Angie’s generous support of the organization’s development activities ranged from hosting yard sales to recruiting new supporters. She was a remarkable and modest woman who has left a very special legacy.”


Planned gifts have an enormous and lasting impact.

Planned gifts form part of an overall financial plan that can provide significant benefits, including helping you maintain control of your assets during your lifetime, take advantage of a number of tax benefits and leave a legacy at Hospitality Homes.


For more information on planned giving please consult your financial and/or estate planning professional.

A True MVP

2 Check presentation - Myra Kraft AwardThe Kraft family and New England Patriots Charitable Foundation’s Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards highlight volunteers who give their time to help others and exemplify leadership, dedication and a commitment to improving their communities. On June 9, 2014, Hospitality Homes host Judith Chasin was one of ten $10,000 grant recipients for the organization.

This lists represents gifts we received from January 1–December 31, 2015. We deeply appreciate the generosity of every donor. If your name is misspelled, displayed incorrectly, or was accidentally omitted, please accept our apologies (and let us know by contacting Shanon Heckethorn at 888.595.4678 ext. 3 or sheckethorn@hosp.org).


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston Children’s Hospital
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Partners Healthcare

Foundations & Corporations

Black Diamond Networks
Boston Children’s Heart Foundation
Brookline Bank
Building Owners & Managers Assoc. (BOMA)
Fred J. Brotherton Foundation
Graystone Consulting
Highland Street Foundation
Jane B. Cook 1992 Charitable Trust
Mental Insight Foundation
New England Patriots Foundation
Pink House Foundation
Rashi School Second Grade Class
Rob Branham Foundation
The Trust Family Foundation
Trinity Management

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RTN Federal Credit Union
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American Plumbing
Black Diamond Networks
Brigham and Women’s Pharmacy
Century Bank
Cox Engineering
Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center
Edward G. Sawyer Co., Inc.
EMCOR Services Northeast, Inc.
Graystone Consulting
GT Wilkinson
Harrington Air Systems
Hire Alliance
Infra-Red Building and Power Service, Inc.
The Inn at Longwood Medical
Mass General Cancer Center
Murphy Donoghue Partners
NorthStar Contracting Group, Inc.
Marie Cullen-Oliver
Joan Reynolds
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Sports Performance Park
Suffolk Construction
Sullivan McLaughlin
TG Gallagher
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas
Voya Financial